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For clean Latvia! Used battery collection contest.

Take care of our planet and participate in the “Clean Latvia” contest for collecting used batteries for the school year of 2022/2023!

We are happy to report that in order to increase the public’s understanding of the proper sorting of environmentally harmful waste and to promote the amount of recycled raw materials, “Zaļa josta” in cooperation with the State Educational Content Center and JSC “BAO” has announced the contest “Clean Latvia” for the collection of used batteries for the school year of 2022/2023.

Register for the competition until 15.03.2023. Find out more at

As part of the competition, by involving students in the collection of used batteries for recycling, it is expected to significantly improve the public’s understanding that correct waste sorting, saving resources and observing the principles of the circular economy in our daily lives bring significant results on a global scale.
Information about the course of the contest and registration for the contest is available on the website:
Find more information about the campaign in the attached press release.



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